Choosing a Live Chat Service for your Online Business

October 20th, 2014

Adding a live chat service to your business website can make communication with your customers much easier. Your company does not have to be a big company like Amazon to join in lucrative e-commerce. With different services available online, it is now possible for anyone to launch a business online. In other ways, managing a website is easier as compared to having an ordinary store in certain location, but running an online business has its own difficulties.

One of the most common difficulties encountered by online businesses is how to manage customer service in a manner that approximates the personal attention a client may receive in a physical store. An e-mail or a telephone hotline service most of the time presents more problems for customers who only want to ask the availability of a color or size. At present, an answer can be provided by live chat service software.

chat serviceLive chat, which is basically an instant messaging service between the e-commerce company and the customer, lets customers to ask basic questions while keeping their anonymity. Online businesses can provide answers to questions that are not usually answered in an FAQ part but can make a difference in closing a sale.

If you are looking to liven up your e-commerce site and improve your customer relations, it is time to look into dependable live chat software. Each live chat service works differently. The software is web-based or loaded on your computers. Some may have one-time costs, others may require you to pay monthly fees. There are some that are being operated by the e-commerce site’s employees, and some by outside operators.

Here are tips that you can consider if you plan to build live chat capabilities on your e-commerce site.

1.Find out what your site can host. There are some programs that don’t work with Macs. The majority of live chat programs work with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista, but it can be difficult to find a dependable program that works well with Mac OS.

2.Determine if you can administrate the service on your own. Live chat can be supervised by the company that handles the business site or by an outside service. If you will have your own employees to administrate the live chat and answer inquiries throughout the day aside from doing other responsibilities, it makes sense to make sure that the program you have chosen allows mobile access. Mobile access can mean a lot of things with the advent of tablets and smart phones. It means you can access live chat almost any time and from any location with an internet connection.

3.Think about the benefits that you can get from live chat service. Live chat are very helpful if you are trying to make a quick sale. Most of the time people want to use the live chat support instead of sending an email or making a call. Live chat can answer customer inquiries instantly. If your e-commerce site has built in video capabilities in their live chat it may attract more customers. But for others video will not help their site and sometimes may complicate things.

In choosing the live chat service plan that you want for your website, you need to know first how live chat will help your customers. You should determine your purpose of having this kind of customer support. Through these things it will be easier for you to decide which service plan is perfect for your website. Keep in mind that live chat is not just for communication and to provide solution fast. It is also a helpful analytical tool to determine where people are chatting from and it can also help in boosting your website traffic.

Should You Hire an SEO Company for Your Online Business?

September 30th, 2014

If you are just starting an online business, then you should really good consider hiring an SEO company to optimize your site before launch. Not only will they be able to optimize your site from the ground up, but they can also help you create social media profiles and use them to build some hype leading up to your business’s launch day.

seoAn SEO company can help you determine which keyword is best for optimizing your site. Having this information from the start will help you build a strong, and long lasting SEO campaign on your site. Your SEO company can also do a competitive analysis on all of your major competitors and tell you which keywords they are ranking for and what techniques they are likely employing. Knowing this ahead of time can help you and the company you hire develop a strategy to outrank them if your chosen keywords are the same.

An SEO company will be able help you maximize the potential of your online business by ranking as highly as possible on the search engines results page. Traffic from search engines is going to be your biggest source of traffic once you launch so you want to make sure you take advantage of that from the start. By ranking for a more specific keyword you can increase your chances of attracting traffic that will convert into customers. For example, if you optimize for the keyword ‘women’s clothing’ you will probably get a lot of traffic but most of it will be irrelevant (people who click away almost immediately). However, if you optimize for the keyword ‘casual summer dress size small’ you will bring in fewer visitors, but more of those visitors will be looking for exactly what you have to sell, in this case a casual summer dress in the size they are looking for. These are the types of visitors you want to attract to your website because they are more likely to convert into customers.

In short, if you have never optimized your site, or if it’s been awhile, it is probably a good idea to hire an SEO company. If you are just launching your online business it is even more important that you include optimizing in your plans before launch. Organic search engine traffic is likely to be your website’s biggest source of traffic (and sales), so maximize that potential by hiring a company to optimize your site.