Third Phase and HCG

by Ken Rojas - January 7th, 2015

The third phase (P3) of the HCG plan is akin to the maintenance phase of any project. A high protein day can be used as a replacement to a steak day in this phase. A high protein day or a steak day can be implemented the moment you observe an increase of more than a pound weight in a single day. This helps the dieter to keep the weight in control, making it effective. Most of the dieters prefer a higher number of protein or steak days as a part of HCG diet plan.

HCGMost of the steak days end with the dieters feeling dissatisfied and hungry. There is no breakfast or lunch on the menu for the day, but for a steak grilled in oil. A spare apple or an orange can be added to the permitted items on a day. Water is the only beverage allowed to be drunk on a streak day. In fact, one eats a lot more items on a protein day than on a steak day.

A high protein day can be configured in several ways. Unlike the steak day, which spares mandates only one meal for the day, the protein day can afford multiples steps. Foods like boiled eggs can be eaten as breakfast on a protein day. As always, fresh water is the only beverage permitted by the diet plan. There are several high protein snacks which can be eaten throughout the protein day. The lunch can consist of fiber salad as well as grilled chicken. A small salad as well as a piece of steak can complete the menu for the day.

Other foods which can be added to the HCG phase 3 of the diet plan include bacon, steak, lean milk, beef, and turkey. One can have as many as three boiled eggs to go with the grilled chicken. Steak and lean beef can be used as supplements instead of eggs. When used, these supplements boost the protein intake by 400 percent of the daily one. One can always fall back on the turkey or ostrich burgers, should they find the required gap in the calorie chart. These burgers contribute a very minute amount of calories to the daily chart as compared to the remaining ones.

A high protein day can be as effective as a day of fasting. The dieters are able to record a huge loss of weight in a single protein day. The dieters are instructed to plan the menu in such a way that they keep eating some part of the diet every couple of hours. All the vegetables which are on the approval list of Phase 2 are automatically approved for the next phase. A high protein day can be modified to form an egg day, which basically implies that one eats dishes made of eggs for the whole day.

Things You Need To Know About Custom Coins

by Frank Smith - January 3rd, 2015

Custom coins are coins that have been personalized or customized into particular designs that are not often seen in typical coins. They exist for various lessons, but here are some of the uses of custom coins:

1. Military Challenge Coins

Coins have been customized for the military and are often referred to as challenge coins. This is because of the tradition of challenge that it represents in order for the members to carry on their military unit’s advocacy. The rules of challenge may not be formalized at that time, but it holds the tradition of a certain unit and may vary from one organization to another.

2. Reward

Today, custom coins are handed out, especially in the military, as a form of reward for outstanding service. This is a tool used by the military to build morale. This probably started out for the Special Forces based in the Vietnam War and spread through time. As officers get reassigned and progressed in their careers, the tradition of awarding a unit with custom coins for acts that were worthy of recognition but still lacked merit to be submitted for an official medal, became rather popular.

3. Numismatic Value

custom coinsCollectors often buy custom coins for their numismatic value. Coins come with a certain face value. Numismatic value, however, involves a value that is higher than the face value. A numismatic coin may be valued more than typical coins because of the historical information behind it. So, a challenge coin that was given many years back can be worth a lot these days.

Customized Coins Outside The Military

Challenge coins have been around alongside the military. Today, however, they are more popular than ever and here are some examples of famous customized coins given outside the military.

1. Organizations

Challenge coins are also exchanged in sports organizations like NASCAR and the NFL. Obviously, these are not open to the public and are kept within the circle of the best players in the league. Aside from that, the World Series of Poker also has its own challenge coin. The use of challenge coins, however, is not limited to sports or gaming organization because some organization that have their own challenge coins include the Civil Air Patrol, various Fire Departments, Police Departments, the Eagle Scouts, and even some Fraternal organizations.

Also, in 2007, the Utah Symphony and Opera gave out challenge coins to its musicians and staff. They are the very first symphony organization to do so in the country.

2. Harley Owners Group

HOG also created their own coin in 2009 and handed it out to all its Harley-Davidson motor owners through their Members Only website. It was a way for the company to promote its product with pride. Their coin costs about $12 and measures around 1.75 inches in diameter with an antiquated brass alloy finish. Of course, their coin has the HOG Eagle logo stamped on it while the back was stamped with the Harley Davidson Bar and Shield surrounded with the saying “The Official Riding Club of Harley Davidson”.

3. Media World

Recently, coins have been distributed by media groups to its staff as gratitude to their services. Jon Favreau, director of Iron Man 2, gave out coins to the US Air Force personnel who cooperated in the movie while on location at Edwards Air Force Base. Also, Bill Prady, Big Bang Theory Exec. Producer handed out a coin to his crew that depicted the last space shuttle.

There are a lot of companies today that choose to create customized coins that could represent their mission and vision. Customized coins are not just decorative but they also serve a deeper purpose, especially to their creators.

Is A Funeral Necessary?

by Timothy Adams - December 31st, 2014

For someone who is dealing with the death of a loved one, or even for someone interested in arranging his own end-of-life details, the question of whether or not it is necessary to have a funeral may arise. To be more specific and precise, any ceremony or rite for the purpose of remembering, celebrating, and honouring the life of a person who has died is referred to as funeral. Sometimes, terms such as memorial service or burial rite are used as substitutes. Having ceremonies to honor the dead is long entrenched in history. It is as old as the earliest existence of the human race. Research shows that as early as 60,000 B.C., burial grounds have been discovered inside caves where animal parts and flowers appear to have been laid next to a human corpse indicating that a type of ritual or ceremony was held before the body was buried. It can be safe to say, then, that it is natural and basic for humans to show respect and honor for their dead.

gentrygriffeyAs to the kind of funeral which may be held for a particular person, there is a need to know his religious affiliation and/or cultural background. Each religion or sect has its own particular ceremony. Buddhists, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs have their own rites peculiar only to them. In Western cultures such as the United States, viewing usually precedes the actual funeral service. During the program proper, prayers are said and music is played. Often, there will be a singer or a choir to provide a more meaningful musical interpretation. There will be Biblical readings and the clergy or minister officiating the ceremony will give some words or comfort and encouragement to the family members and friends of the one who died. Sometimes a person or several persons – usually a close relative or friend – will be asked to give a eulogy, and this is where the life of the departed is being remembered, highlighting his happy memories, positive traits and accomplishments.

For those whose loved ones have passed on to the next life, having a memorial service is one way to preserve their memory. It also provides a venue for family and close relations to grieve and express their sorrow. Since there is a basic human need to mourn (as well as a need to find a venue to express the same), having some kind of ceremony before burial or cremation will be a good source for emotional healing. Saying goodbye for the last time may be painful but it can also be therapeutic. Therefore, through some sort of celebration or ceremony, those who are left behind can find strength to go on with life knowing that their loved one has passed on with his dignity and self-respect intact.

And so the answer to the question of whether or not it is necessary to hold a funeral for a family member or loved one will depend on whether or not there is someone willing to exert extra effort in order to honor the memory and life of the one who died. After all, they are the ones who are going to make the decisions, and if there have been pre-arranged plans, they are the ones who are usually supposed to carry out the wishes of the one who died. Certainly, it is not necessary as there is no state that really requires the holding of memorial services, but having this celebration makes life more meaningful and memorable. It also shows that humans are acting according to their nature which is to care for and honor their departed loved ones.

Do’s and Don’t’s for Buying Discount Golf Clubs

by Joseph Kelly - December 30th, 2014

Everyone loves a bargain, especially when it comes to items that are typically worth a small fortune or so. Sports enthusiasts and athletes are no exception. Hence, there are numerous discounted sports gear outlet stores and discount websites hawking their wares all over the world.

discount golf clubsGolf is one of the most expensive sports out there. So, unless an aspiring golfer belongs to one of the Fortune 500 families or happens to have a global conglomerate as a sponsor, he or she is usually on the lookout for ways to cut down on expenses while still indulging in his or her hobby. Searching for and purchasing discounted golfing equipment is but one of them.

Discount golf clubs or Rockbottomgolf can be a godsend since aspiring golfers can acquire them at a fraction of their original price without having to compromise too much on quality (provided that the buyer exercises a considerable degree of discernment). However, purchasing them without doing one’s homework can actually be costlier in the long run, since a set of defective golf clubs can compel the buyer to have to shell out even more money to purchase a proper set of clubs (Discount golf clubs are often not eligible for returns due to their drastically-reduced prices.).

The following are just a handful of do’s and don’t’s for those who want to get the most bang for their buck when purchasing discount golf clubs:

  • As much as possible, purchase from a reputable brick-and-mortar store, preferably one that has been around for a while. Stores like these usually have very stringent policies about sourcing the equipment that they sell, so the likelihood of purchasing defective equipment is considerably lessened.
  • Furthermore, any equipment that they put on sale would normally end up there simply because the store is clearing up their product inventory rather than any significant defects in the product’s make.
    Do be extra careful when buying discount golf clubs from online sources. While there are still quite a number of reliable online stores, some of the more recent ones (especially those that claim to sell “premium quality golf clubs” at suspiciously low prices) have been reported to ship substandard equipment to their clients. In many cases, the product that arrives barely even resembles the photos and the specifications that the shop owner posted online. Thus, it’s important to do a brief background check on any online shop from where a buyer might be thinking of purchasing discounted golfing equipment. Check any reviews about the online shop’s products, services, and policies, and make sure that the shop’s contact details are both accurate and up to date.
  • Don’t hesitate to spring for new grips if needed. Golf club grips normally undergo a lot of wear and tear, and are thus the first part of the golf clubs to fray. For those who were able to purchase used golf clubs at a discount, do check if the grips are still in working order (i.e. They should still be of a good thickness and should be free of any rips or tears.). Should the grips of the golf club require replacing, ensure that the new grips are the same size as the old ones. The buyer can actually change the grips personally, although they can also have a staffer at the golf shop perform the service.
  • Do make sure that the discount golf clubs are made of the right material. One caveat of purchasing discounted equipment is that the buyer can run into counterfeits or fakes. To check if the head of a golf club is truly made out of a precious metal (e.g. titanium), the buyer can try holding a magnet over it. Real titanium heads aren’t attracted to magnets, so they shouldn’t stick to one.

Simplifying and Organizing Mass Hiring Procedures with a Movable Cubicle

by Alex May - December 30th, 2014

Mass hiring is a common practice for companies, particularly if they need additional workforce after scoring a new client. The concept of mass hiring may not seem appealing, but movable cubicle makes the process less complicated.

Set Up Accessible to Applicants

MoveablecubicleMovable offices let companies expand and reach out to more potential applicants through its portable feature. These offices are transferable spaces using trailers or special transportation means. They are set in place and ready to accommodate applicants. Companies will find the best talents by reaching out to other sites through portable offices.

Movable offices can also be installed on various land profiles. Whether it’s on soil grounds or concrete floors outside satellite offices, these storages can be placed easily with appropriate installation systems and procedures.

Assign Offices for Different Tasks

Companies can rent several storage options then designate specific tasks for each movable cubicle. Having one space for a specific task will make the entire hiring process more organized than setting every office task in one place. Each cubicle will serve as a standalone office, which means employees assigned won’t meddle with each other’s business. They know that everyone working in a room is doing the same procedure instead of distracting others with different tasks.

Apart from keeping others from disrupting others from doing their jobs, setting up specific offices prevents mixing up and misplacing documents. This promotes data accuracy and set up applicants’ profiles immediately. Completing their profiles early on simplifies the onboarding process and keeping newhires’ records.

Set Cooling Station for Employees

Being in charge with a wave of employees is not an easy task. The wave of people plus outdoor temperatures can make everyone uncomfortable. A storage office can be designed as a cooling station for employees.

Cooling systems can be installed in portable offices because of their pre-installed wiring provisions. Wire installation is easier with spaces or boxes meant for cooling systems. Movable offices also have windows and vents for ventilation.

Safeguard Office Equipment and Furnishings

A movable cubicle is constructed with commercial-grade solid steel body. The corrugated steel body makes the entire office durable and secure. Most steel used for these offices are also made from fireproof features that assure every equipment and document kept inside is safe. These features make the office weatherproof and waterproof.

Apart from overall weather protection, these offices also come with water seepage protection that assures every stored file is safe from harsh environmental conditions.

Different Size for Different Sites

Movable offices come in varying sizes and floor dimensions, which mean they are ideal for any available space within the company vicinity or outdoors. Companies hiring a wave of employees can choose offices for limited spaces or even for large open spaces. They come with a long list of sizes with different descriptions and interior floor dimensions.

Easy to Setup

One of the good things about a movable cubicle is its “easy setup” feature. They come as is when delivered on site. The only installation procedure to do is securing it on the ground with screws or other security attachment for pitching. Other installation process also concentrate on the needed essentials inside the office like electrical systems and water systems if necessary.

Affordable Rental and Purchase Price

These offices are often available for lease or for sale. Prices vary depending on the company offering them as well as office sizes. Essentially, renting is cheaper, but some companies may find purchasing more beneficial for long-term use. Some companies also have financing assistance to make investing more budget friendly. However, financing options are unavailable in every company. Verify this detail first before settling with a service.

Companies find a movable cubicle as a good investment in making mass hiring easier. Offices have numerous features that help in providing comfort, organization and efficient management in finding the next best candidates for companies’ job openings.

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Getting Your Career Going in Human Resources Requires HRCI Certified Programs

by Becky Carey - December 29th, 2014

In every single career path that you can choose today, there is a certain amount of education that you will need to have. Some of it is formal, and some of it is informal. At times you may be wondering what you have to do in order to gain success in certain industries, and others have clearly outlined paths to a successful employment path. It’s with that in mind that you should consider looking into HRCI Certified Programs, if you’re going to want to explore the world of human resources. This opportunity to gain valuable insight into the world of HR is important, and can help you gain leverage when applying for jobs today. Whether you want to have a mainstay career or you want to have a limited amount of options, you will find that there is no reason you shouldn’t have certification in the right arenas.

The Degree is A Starting Point

TalentkeepersHaving a college degree is good, no one is going to argue against that. However, for certain positions in the corporate world, and even within smaller companies, you’ll need more than that. Experience goes a long way, but if you don’t have a certification in certain areas, you will not only get passed up, but you will end up losing out on the opportunities that others can get due to that simple piece of paper. Once you complete your degree, you’ll want to seek out HRCI Certified Programs, as they will help you get to the right elements that will get you employed in the field. When you have the certification and it’s current, your work history and resume will become emblazoned in the minds of recruiters.

Accreditation Matters

When you are exploring your options, make sure that you do not just go anywhere, you need to make sure that the program that you are getting into is fully accredited and has a track record for producing top notch quality information. The goal of these programs is not just to instruct but also to help with the examination process. You will find that in order to get certified as an HR specialist, you will need to pass an exam. The certificate you seek is not a simple open and shut case, you will need to study and know the test subject matter in and out. That’s something that a good program will help you with, and something that should not be taken lightly. It’s very easy to assume that the test will be simple, but many that have taken it will testify that it’s a bit harder than you may think.

The Renewal Process

Alongside the initial certification process, you will want to look into HRCI Certified Programs so that you can get a renewal as well. Renewing your certificate will be necessary for progressing through the HR world. You will not be able to gain any leverage if you do not seek this out in the appropriate fashion. It’s very important that you look into this opportunity, as it will help you refresh the things that you learned and cement new ideas moving forward. Human resources can change over time, and with new laws in place, employee turn around, and many other elements to consider, this is something that should not be quickly overlooked. Make sure your renewals are taken on time, and are focused upon with relative ease. You will have to take the current exam, so don’t assume this is just something you sign for and get moving forward within.

If you want an extended career in the human resources world, it’s imperative that you seek out programs that will help you learn, grow, and gain experience. Without them, you will not get far in the industry.

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